My Priorities

My priorities focus on transparent governance, sustainable growth, and accessible healthcare. Rooted in disciplined leadership, I’m committed to fostering a safe, thriving community through education and continuous improvement.



I will advocate for continued investment in K-12 education throughout District 88 by increasing support and stability to ISDs, rewarding teachers, and empowering parents with options and access to the learning environments that best serve their children.


Agriculture and Water

Our Texas ranchers and farmers are concerned about their ability to trade and conduct business in open and free markets and their property rights. There are also concerns about the declining availability of water. I will fight to preserve our agriculture industry and work toward solutions for our water such as ways of managing our sources and finding alternative sources.



Texans of HD88 deserve the most affordable and reliable electricity possible. We have a mix of energy sources but the investments into them need to be rebalanced. Texas needs to address its overinvestment in wind and solar infrastructure and I will work towards making wind and solar as reliable as gas and coal, without compromising the current benefits of oil and gas.


Taxes and Spending

We need to continue along the path of elimination of property taxes for all Texans. I will advocate that we continue to allocate the projected $18B state’s surplus in 2025 to be given back to the taxpayers in property tax relief. I will advocate for limiting spending growth, limiting taxing growth, and lowering tax bills.



I am dedicated to enhancing healthcare access in Texas by boosting the number of medical professionals and advocating for expansion of telehealth services. I plan on addressing the rising healthcare and insurance costs by removing middlemen between the doctor and patient, supporting market-based reforms to promote price competition and transparency, and making healthcare more affordable for all Texans.


Border Security

Texas must take charge to safeguard the border and eliminate the incentives that fuel illegal immigration. I commit to championing legislation aimed at fortifying our border and deporting all illegal aliens.
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